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he doesn't realize

he doesn’t realize
he’s waiting
impatience the tingle
coursing through his veins
he doesn’t realize
he’s almost there
approaching the answer
to a question he hasn’t asked
he doesn’t realize
he’s one half of a whole
almost ready to join
just beyond the horizon
he doesn’t realize
his heart knows why
each step he takes
brings him so much closer

Besides V, Chuck and Lie to Me (both shows I watch) have been renewed! I'm so glad about Chuck!!! And Lie to Me is a good show, one that I really enjoy. I am a little sad about FlashForward (so we'd better get some answers in that finale!), especially since I just love seeing Jack Davenport on tv. Ah well, they can't all make it. Oh, and Trauma! I loved how that show was based in the Bay Area. Hopefully Cliff Curtis finds another show because he is just wonderful. :)

My guilty pleasure show, Vampire Diaries, has also been renewed, along with Supernatural and Smallville. Yah for Supernatural!

I'm falling back on my old fangirl ways but I don't think I'll go as far as I did in my hey day. Still, here are some screenshots from, you guessed it, V...

Charles Mesure as Kyle Hobbes:
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hearts and Minds"
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