Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

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A quickie!

There could be spoilers if you watch Fringe or FlashForward.

FlashForward - We're getting closer to the flashforward day. Yah! I hope we get some answers! I really like James Callis' character. He makes me laugh and think at the same time. I think the haphazard storytelling hasn't done this show any favors. Too many tangents, not enough focus. It's too bad really. I love the actors on the show...

Fringe - All the "special" kids like Liv were redshirts! Bummer! It was nice seeing Peter with his mother. I wonder if he really understands those plans his father left him. It was great seeing William Bell! And a redheaded Olivia with a boyfriend was interesting. She seems sassy! Can't wait to see our Liv and redhead Liv duke it out.

And I think this is great news-- V has been renewed! As long as Charles Mesure continues his part as Kyle Hobbes, I'm on board. Otherwise, I'm out.

Tags: tv
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