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throw it to the wind

I think I've started this entry three times now. LOL!

Like the new icon? It's Jim and Dwight from THE OFFICE. I uploaded a few new user pics today. I'm addicted. LOL! I did a couple of icons from THE OFFICE, one from SUPERNATURAL, and one from LOST. All boys, except for part of one from THE OFFICE. ;)

not so desperate
not so lonely
just a little weary
of time spent alone
not so crazy
not so silly
just a little ready
to go wild
feeling it
naughtiness tingling
like bubbles
through the veins
let's have it
throw it to the wind
take it hard and fast

I'm using a different LJ client on my PowerBook. I downloaded two before this one. I don't know if I like it, but it's better than the first one I was using on this computer. I like the Windows client better, I think.

Wow, boring crap, eh?
Tags: poetry
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