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so very early sunday

Let me say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there! A most wonderful day to all of you. :)

I’ll stop thinking about you
when you stop haunting me
I know it’s all in my head
I keep telling myself
this is no way to go
slowly losing control
just breathe in then out
feel it then release
but I can’t stop thinking of you
you won’t stop haunting me
it can’t be all in my head
no matter what I tell myself
this is the way to go
keep steady and in control
breathing in and then out
feeling no release
just don’t stop haunting me
while I’m thinking about you

Saturday so farSaturday so far

We had lunch at Digger's. Mmmmm!

We stopped by Target and I saw this:
Saturday so far

I didn't buy it. I think it's coming out on blu-ray. If so, I'm getting that version. I was a little bummed that Greg was not on the cover (front or back) even though his name was listed in the credits. What the heck?!

Dinner at Carino'sDinner at Carino's
Dinner at Carino'sDinner at Carino's

Dinner at Johnny Carino's with the in-laws. The only thing different for me from Monday night was the entree itself. I had the baked cheese tortelloni. Yummy!
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