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you will fade away

Careful with that man
he's softer beneath it all
Despite the strong jaw
the eyes half hidden
His heart still beats
quick with your glance
He'll make his move
with just a sign from you
He'll wait to start
until he's sure of you
But you'll never turn his way
You with those pretty lips
and beckoning eyes
So he'll step up
to catch your gaze
And you'll look straight
through his intentions
I will wait beside him
a shadow
just a friend
hoping without reason
He'll realize someday
I am the jewel in his life
the one just for him
with lips just as pretty
and eyes darkly beckoning
I will never see
straight through his intentions
I just need to step up
turn his gaze to me
And you will fade away...

I enjoy watching COUPLING and listening to the commentary. Today I listened to "My Best Friend's Bottom" and "The Melty Man Cometh." Kate Isitt and Ben Miles joined Steven Moffat on the commentary. Fun stuff! I laugh whenever they mention Jack Davenport's hair. ;) And how Sarah Alexander sometimes channels Sue Vertue in uncanny ways. (Sue & Steven are married and Jack and Sarah play their fictional counterparts on COUPLING.)

I went slightly nutty with the user pics today. I believe I downloaded five or six new ones, including the one for this post. I am determined to hit my limit. Maybe. LOL! ;) Or close to it.

The morning started gray and sprinkly, ending dry with fading brightness.

I miss my fiction muse. Where are my stories?!

And it's okay with me if baseball started early. I want to see some Mulder action! Aaack! :P

ETA: I have a new top banner!!! THANK YOU to wahlee! Ahhhh, Mulder. ;) I LOVE IT!!!
Tags: babble, poetry
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