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strange tears

I've seen THE JOY LUCK CLUB many times but for some reason, I cried at the end of it today. Why? I dunno. But it felt good to cry. Reminded me of a episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I guess I just needed to cry. Weird!

The hubby had a dozen crabs delivered from Maryland today for dinner. YUMMY!!! I love eating crab. I get to eat with my hands and it's messy and utterly wonderful! We ate them at room temperature (not like it's done here, all steamed). It's seasoned with Old Bay seasoning. Delicious! There was shrimp too. Mmmmm.

Bummed about Syracuse losing to Texas A&M. Alas. And Team USA lost to Mexico, chucking themselves out of the WBC. Bah!

I also watched some Charmed today because we finally have TNT-HD and the Charmed eps are in HD. Of course, I could have just popped the DVDs in, I suppose. :P

I feel bad for my blog. It's so neglected! I keep thinking that I'll write more there when baseball season starts, but I'm not sure. LJ is just so freakin' easy! LOL!
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