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just a moment to remember...

Kevin Smith as Ares in "Coming Home" - Xena Warrior Princess

Isn't it funny how he can still make me smile and laugh? I loved watching him in my Xena watching heyday. In fact, HE was the reason I started watching Xena and Hercules. I was never a Xena fan in the proper sense. I was and am an ARES fan. First and foremost. Along with Hades, of course. ;) But Kev had this way with Ares. How could anyone love Ares? Well, we all did because of the way Kev played him. Bad boy dripping with heat and wicked intentions. Or sulky and self deprecating with a skewed sense of humor. Ares had many sides played so brilliantly by Kevin Smith.

Happy Birthday Kev!

Wherever you are laughing
the light is dancing
beckoning you to join
the aimless freedom
above all worries
Back here
you might have waved them off
But up there
you grin and fly
free and sweet
Your laughter a tickle
to the souls remembering you
Tags: fellas, poetry
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