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finally to department 24

perhaps we'll find a way
a way to stay forever
perhaps we'll find the time
the time to stay together
beyond all the wistful dreams
dreams without inspiration
beyond all the good intentions
intentions with aspirations
perhaps we'll know it's right
right to take it now
perhaps we'll know it's time
time to make that vow

It was a LONG DAY at the courthouse. Actually, it wasn't as long as it could have been. We were dismissed at 2:30 or so but we have to all come back on Monday. There goes my day off! But hey, at least I had the day off and it won't really affect work. The trial is slated for a couple of weeks, so if I actually get chosen it won't be for long ass trial. But crap, I have to drive out there again! UGH! The drive is really my only complaint about this whole thing. Otherwise, I don't mind doing my civic duty.

I try not to say this very often, but holy crap, it was SO BORING just sitting there and waiting. We had an early lunch break at 11:15am and didn't have to come back until 1:15pm. I didn't really talk to anyone at all. Most people kept to themselves. I wrote in my little Moleskin. So much blather!

A day waiting

Oh, and tweeted bunches! Anyone following me (@walelia) saw an unusual amount of tweets from me. lol! I should have brought my MacBook and plugged in like a few people did.

I went to McDonald's for lunch and I was good and got a salad. Oh, and a double cheeseburger mini meal. :P

A day waiting

When we came back from lunch, we were all finally called to a courtroom. They called off two groups. I was in the second group. We went to department 24. We saw the defendants and the attorneys; the judge spoke to us and told us we had to come back on Monday.


Oh, my drive this morning was too long. It sucks to stop and go for no reason at all. By the time I got to Martinez, I was ready for the ladies room. lol! Driving back home only took about 45 minutes. Still a long time but not as long as the hour it took in the morning. I need to make another CD for my Monday drive.

Twas a nice day, however, weather-wise. It was nice walking during the lunch break and then just sitting in the sunshine. And I was glad we got out early because I didn't hit as much traffic as I could have. Hopefully it's the same on Monday.

day077: Contra Costa County Court House
A day waiting
A day waiting

I should have taken a pic when the jury assembly room was mostly empty. lol!
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