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short poetry and the slice

up high the blue sky
fading clouds wisp against wind
misty with the sun

I always think of Julius Caesar when I see "ides of march." And then I think of Xena. My mind is filled with odd things, I think. ;)

More user icons! My limit has been upped. I love it! Of course, I find out after I deleted one today. It's okay, it was just one of me. I didn't like that picture anyway. :P

We watched some second season of THE OFFICE. Great show. Now I want to watch the British version again just to compare. It's just a bit hard to watch the Brit version because of the accents. Now, I'm pretty good with accents, but sometimes listening to Ricky Gervais' accent is a bit difficult. :P But it's a good show.
Tags: poetry
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