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and friday comes and goes

one day along the way
life detoured without my say
pulling fast at my dreams
ripping them at the seams
I might have drowned in tears
succumbed to all those fears
twisting through the dark
aching for just one spark
but one day I just knew
somewhere I would find you
waiting patiently for me
ready to set my heart free
the detour was the path to take
every single dream had to break
so then hope could rise again
mystery of where or when

Happy Friday! I love Fridays. Twas an odd sort of day. The morning zipped by but the afternoon dragged just a bit, especially at around 2:30 or so. WEIRD!

I love getting mail.

Got something in the mail
The Helix... Loaded

Thank you, Scott! A movie to watch this weekend. :)

The random things...

  • My aunt in the Philippines called me! She has a magic jack and can call anywhere. How cool is that?! Rockin'!

  • I signed my mom up on Facebook. I'll have to keep an eye on her profile and make sure she doesn't over-share. lol!

  • I figured out how to download video from Ustream. ;)

  • I'm listening to a playlist that has potential to become the next CD for the car.

I need a nap.
Tags: poetry
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