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just a touch

Darkness outside
Candlelight inside
Eyes closed
I hear you next to me
My name a whisper
sweet on your lips
Your breath warm
against my skin
The kiss starts slow
almost tentative
A test of sorts
the tip of something more
We taste the longing
swelling inside
swirling a slow fire
Your hands next
touching smooth
I follow suit
sliding along
the velvet of your skin
Eyes open
The candlelight flickers
We smile
desire dark in our eyes
And then another touch
burning through
with our intentions...

I woke up early today. Holli, our little puppy, had her appointment this morning. In Salida. At 7:30AM. Salida is about 45 minutes from here. Bah! Gray skies, rain falling, cold wind. I don't like driving in stuff like that but it's my doggie, so there! :D She wasn't going to be ready until the afternoon, so I headed back home.

I checked on the Salida house. I always have to use the bathroom whenever I drive out there. LOL! Anyhoo, that house still feels like home. Sometimes, like right now, I have to fight that feeling of missing it. I LOVE our house here, but I LOVED the house in Salida too. The tile floors, the way the wind sounded through the trees in the backyard, the feeling of HOME is still there. It makes me a little sad to see it empty. I hope someone buys it soon. It should have people appreciating its comfort.

Back home, I spent some time on the computer for a bit. Like my new layout here?! Actually, I mostly just added the top banner I once used at MJazz. I like the look much better, of course. ;) But I want a new top banner! What to use? Hmmm, who has my heart right now? Oh yeah, that Jensen guy. Except he's at my blog. Can't possible show him off here too, can I? LOL! I think Mulder will do. For now.

An hour or so before it was time to pick up Holli, I decided to clean up a bit. What the hell?! LOL! Yeah, got all sweaty and everything. Ewww.

All in all, today was slightly odd. Hmmm.
Tags: poetry
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