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happy long weekend!

I thought I'd stop by
pretend this is home
lose myself in a routine
I cannot claim as my own
I thought I'd stop by
make idle conversation
with meaningless words
causing no sensation
I thought I'd stop by
keep my tears at bay
smile without a care
even as my sanity frays

My weekend actually began yesterday because I took the day off. And now we're into the holiday weekend, which for me means 4 more days off (if you include today). Nice!

So, Google Buzz. It's a cross between FriendFeed and Twitter, I suppose, heavy on the FriendFeed. Even though I have a FriendFeed, I never use it because none of my friends use it. So it's really just ending up as yet another dump site for my Flickr and Twitter and whatever else I have linked to it. Oh well.

Google Buzz operates in the somewhat the same manner as FriendFeed. It will pick up your Twitter feed and your Flickr feed and your Yelp feed and your YouTube feed and whatever else you might chose to link but it's a bit limited. For instance, I haven't figured out a way to link my Livejournal blog or my website blog to Buzz yet. Beyond the Twitter comparison, you can post photos and links without the 140 character limitation. Also, you can Buzz from your Google Maps application alá Foursquare and the like.

Considering it's a Google product, the fact that it's not "beta" is certainly surprising. Wasn't Gmail "beta" for two years? And by the time it shed the "beta" tag, no one even really noticed. Buzz is not "beta." It's just Buzz.

The things I've noticed/my likes & dislikes include:

  • no group viewing - This is a complaint I used to have with Twitter before they activated their lists feature. In Buzz, there is no way to filter your view by group. I have my Google contacts grouped by family and friends and the like and I would love to be able to just read a certain group's buzz, as opposed to the rest of the noise.

  • lack of mobile app - Fine, I can go to on my Droid (you can do the same on your iPhone) and Buzz looks spiffy but I would really like a dedicated application for Buzz if I'm going to use it often. And seriously, you'd think that Google would have a dedicated Buzz app for their Android platform, wouldn't you? Well, I would!

  • the mute option - I like being able to must different buzz posts but why not make it a link you can see along with the "like," "comment," and "email" links?

  • collapse comments - And for goodness' sakes, let me collapse comments! It's slightly annoying have to scroll all the way down the page to see the next buzz. On the mobile side, it's not as much a problem from what I can tell.

  • Gmail integration - I think the fact that you can check out your Buzz while in Gmail is utterly BRILLIANT! I have my Gmail open throughout the day and it's easy for me to click that Buzz link to check out the latest from the folks I follow. I did not, however, like the in-box messages everytime I posted something or someone else posted something in a buzz I either liked or commented. At first I filtered the Buzz emails to their own folder but that got annoying and so I adjusted the filter to delete the buzz emails. Why do I need them? Seems pointless and redundant.

  • location buzz - If you like apps like Foursquare or Gowalla or the like, then buzzing from Google Maps is pretty neat. I just wish that I had the option of only sharing my location with a certain group or making my location general. It seems that it either needs give my precise location or the location of a local business. How about just the freakin' city? Please?

I wonder if there will be Facebook integration. I don't see it really happening but it would be neat if I could get my friends' status updates from FB to my buzz. I also wouldn't mind being able to reply back to tweets from buzz as tweets. Does that make sense? lol!

Oh, if you'd like to check out my buzz, you can find it at my Google profile. ;)
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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