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the long weekend begins

so broken inside
so hollow inside
fleeting bits of love
fleeting bits of light
nothing to sustain me
nothing to inspire me
so silent inside
so empty inside
fading bits of laughter
fading bits of joy
nothing to keep me
nothing to take me
so lost inside
so dark inside

I so adore short work weeks. They rock!

I meet my niece tomorrow!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! :D

I watch way too much tv and yet I'm ever behind. What the heck?!

LOST - Isn't it just getting old with Kate running after Sawyer, always putting herself in danger? At least Sawyer called her on it... Jack is so broken but it's great to watch... I like the Dogen character. He intrigues me. His plea to Sawyer was surprising... Dear god, Sawyer! Josh Holloway has really just drawn me in and made me feel Sawyer's pain. It's one of the most wonderful and torturous things of the current season... Sayid! Please, don't turn to the darkness. Please!... What the hell, Claire?! Where have you been this whole time?!... I do so want Sun and Jin to find each other. It's killing me!... I liked how Ethan was a doctor in the alternate timeline. What are we calling the sideway flashes? Anyhoo, I'm very much enjoying this last season. It's worth savoring, I think...

Smallville - I finally watched the two hour ep, "Absolute Justice." It started out really strong but fizzled a little in the middle and then picked up at the end. Yowsa, Tess?!... I wish Lois would find out about Clark. We know they're destined to be together. How long will they drag the whole thing of her not knowing?... I kinda missed the Kandorians. :P

How I Met Your Mother - I love this show. Barney is a crazy guy and I love him! His Super Bowl stunt was wonderful. I loved how he couldn't keep going on to the next gal. He knew someone hotter was in the wings.

Accidentally on Purpose - I don't know why I like this show so much. Jon Foster is adorable but so young. Jenna Elfman is so funny and adorable. The high school reunion ep was funny. I liked the one friend pretending his arm wasn't real. lol!

CHUCK - Another show I just freakin' love. I'm seriously addicted to this show. I can watch it over and over. I like how Chuck has grown up more this season. I just wish he and Sarah would get together. I do like Shaw a lot. He's delicious! And fine, it's nice to see Chuck getting some action with Hannah and Sarah getting a bit with Shaw. But we must all know it's not going to last, right? Chuck and Sarah belong together... I felt bad for Morgan but then again, he should have realized he didn't have a chance with Hannah. It's not like she was giving him any signals...
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