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keeping it simple

sunshine bright outside
wind so cool against the skin
beauty all around

Venezuela just scored a two run homer against Puerto Rico. Fifth inning.

I'm typing on my Blackberry. Most interesting. This TrueType thing is kinda groovy.

Holli is getting fixed tomorrow. Poor puppy! I hope she doesn't hate me afterwards. No food or water for her and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Bah!

I ran errands today. Post office first for some stamps then the grocery store for food and stuff. I still find it weird to do the grocery thing alone. Isn't that funny to say?

Uh oh, Puerto Rico just hit into a double play. Bummer for them! I'm not sure who I'm cheering for but Ramon Hernandez is on the Venezuela team. Maybe I'll cheer for them.

Did I babble enough? LOL!
Tags: poetry
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