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If you haven't checked it out yet, my top banner features the wonderful and talented Karl Urban, courtesy of the very wonderful and talented wahlee. THANK YOU SO MUCH WAH!!! I love it. So if you usually read me through your friend page on LJ or even FB, check out Shady Satin.

The stuff I've watched this week that I haven't talked about yet...

Fringe - We watched this last night and HOLY CRAP! First off, no new ep until APRIL 1st?! COME ON!!! Second, Olivia looked so utterly heartbroken when she realized that Peter was from the alternate reality. Her previous anger regarding the scared little girl she was utter paled in comparison to the the silent pain and the utter disbelief directed at Walter. And Walter must have realized that triggering Olivia's abilities would out his secret. The truth always demands the light of day! Will Walter's explanations keep Olivia silent? We won't know until APRIL freakin' FIRST. WTF?! Other things of note in the ep:

  • The combination to the lock into the old daycare in Jacksonville: 5-20-10. Walter wasn't sure about the significance but the hubby realized that it's a date coming up. I did a quick calendar check during the commercial break and May 20, 2010 is indeed a Thursday night, the same night Fringe airs. The season finale will play that night, perhaps?

  • The poor guy fused together with his alternate universe self was just chilling. And gross. It wasn't bad enough that different people were fused together but we had one guy who was fused with himself and in an utterly nose-wrinkling manner? Yowsa!

  • Peter and Olivia's almost kiss. As much as I like seeing Peter kiss anyone (come on, he's cute!), I'm not cheering for an Olivia/Peter hook up at all. Ease me into it, please. I think it's funny that Walter has made some comments in past eps about Peter and Olivia, but I'm not convinced they should head into the romantic territory. Then again, it's obvious that they both care deeply for one another. I'm torn.

I love this show and I can't wait until it comes back. YAH!

CSI - I watched an episode from a couple of weeks ago- "The Long Ball"- the one with the golfers. It was nice to see John M. Jackson as the dead body but the actor playing his son looked soooo familiar. I looked him up and ta-da, Jason Dohring! You know, Josef Kostan from Moonlight. I got a kick out of that little tidbit. He needs to do more work. He's a good actor... I LOVED Nick flirting with the one suspect gal. She was naughty and he was all blushy. It was so CUTE! I like watching Nicky flirt with the ladies. He does it so well. ;)

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon is a nut and so much fun to watch. The ep I saw was the one where he's stuck in his work. Hilarious!

Community - I really enjoy this show. This week's ep was Annie getting involved with Britta's ex Vaughn and the reactions of Jeff and Britta. My favorite part of the episode was when they were all at the table looking at each other as viable possibilities. LOL!

Modern Family - A character named Valerie in the form of Minnie Driver. AWESOME! My name is hardly ever on tv or the big screen, so it was nice to see a guest on the show sporting my name. Yah!

Cougar Town - Even though there were funny spots in the episode, the underlying bits of drama were touching. Sure, they play everything for laughs but I got slightly teary-eyed when Jules and Ellie were making up and when Andy was trying to talk to Bobby about his drinking. The balance between comedy and drama was tight and well done in this ep. Or maybe it was just me. :P

As you can see, I watch way too much tv. And all in crazy order. I'm so glad for the TiVo and DVR. (Yeah, we have both.)
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