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thursday night rain

break me down
shake me down
take me down
forget that I exist
blame me
flame me
tame me
how can you resist
forever is a lie
we rail and deny
together we belie
truths that may persist
deceive me
don't grieve me
just leave me
alone to this destiny

I'm trying not to feel sad about not going to the Xena convention this weekend, but the email regarding the weekend festivities just hit me. I wish I could be there on Saturday!!! Oh well.

I've started fooling around with my WGL website. I want to update it. Or at least get it back to what it was before I had to move it. I figured out (maybe) how to do galleries with Wordpress, so that's good. Now I just need some time and motivation. :P

I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow.

The rain is falling once again and it's making me sleepy.

I'm feeling like this:
holli sleepy
Tags: poetry
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