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over the hump

I miss
the fueling passion
the throes of devotion
the delight so delectable
I miss
the mind bending intrigue
the unending mystery
the light of inspiration
I miss
the impatient thrills
the swoon of discovery
the drama of revelation
I miss
the unspoken adoration
the steadfast loyalty
the undaunted faith
I miss
the whispering touch
the flickering fires
the pleasure unending
I miss
imagining a faraway place
living in a different world
dreaming of laughter and love

The day seemed to drift along. It was probably because I was (and am) tired from staying up too late last night.

There could be spoilers, especially if you haven't watched LOST yet. Don't blame me if you read something you didn't want to know. ;)

LOST - So many things to say. I'll babble in bullet form...

  • Did we have to see Juliet die so many times? It was devastating and horrible and gut wrenching each and every time. I almost thought that maybe, just maybe she would live and James would have some peace. But of course it wasn't meant to be.

  • The alternate reality, back to the beginning, was odd and intriguing. I thought it was well done. I liked how Jack seemed to remember some people. Hurley and his good luck made me chuckle. Kate seemed the same. And Sawyer, well, I can't pin him yet.

  • DESMOND!!! Please tell me he gets more airtime. I know that I should be happy that he and Penny were resolved and living somewhat happily ever after but that doesn't mean I don't want to see him and her again. DESMOND!!!

  • Fake Locke/Smokie. I'm going to call him Smokie. I don't like him at all, especially because he had Ben kill Jacob and I wanted to see more of Jacob. Ugh! But it was interesting to see Locke's body act so differently from Locke. Yowsa!

  • Boone!!! He'd better have more to say too because I want to see more of him. I feel like I'm being spoiled with all this Ian Somelhalder on tv. Rarr!

  • What the hell, the island is under water in the alternate reality? How did it get there? And how is the other reality still existing?!

  • What did Juliet mean when she said, through Miles, that "it worked?" Does her dead self know about the alternate reality?

  • Please let Jin and Sun reunite!

  • Sayid. Is it really him, rising from the dead? Or has Smokie infitrated the Temple people.

  • Who the hell are the Temple people?!

  • Where did Christian's body disappear? How does an airline lose a body in a coffin?

  • Where is Smokie's "home?"

  • It was nice to see that little bit of Claire. And Charlie too. I thought it interesting that he told Jack that he (Charlie) is supposed to be dead.

  • Oh, and I know I wasn't the only one who heard Greg Grunberg as the pilot of the plane. Tell me someone else heard him. ;)

All in all, I liked the premiere very much. It makes me want to re-watch the show from the beginning. lol!

Today was a nice day outside.


I met a dog today who reminded me of Saffy.


While I ate my dinner, I watched How I Met Your Mother again. Swish!

Nick Swisher on HIMYM
Nick Swisher on HIMYMNick Swisher on HIMYM

Too cute. ;)
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