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waiting for LOST

my tears crack silence
flowing fast without warning
breaking the stillness

I'm trying to stay away from my usual online haunts lest I read a spoiler or two about LOST. I'm going to watch it even though it means going to bed half hour or so after my bedtime. Oh the things I will do! ;)

Accidentally on Purpose - I really enjoy this show. Is it wrong to think that young Jon Foster is a cutie? Oh, but he is most definitely eye candy. And Jenna Elfman is just adorable! Last night's ep was cute. I liked that Davis was working at a gay bar and Billie's sister Abby was looking for a gay friend. Silly but fun. I'm glad that the show finally got Zack and Billie together. It's sweet. :)

How I Met Your Mother - We better meet the mother soon. I wouldn't really care so much except that it's called How I Met Your Mother! Barney always makes me laugh and he was great in this episode. My favorite part, of course, was Nick Swisher walking into the bar. Hello Swish! He looked cute on the show and I loved his lines. BTW, he so much cuter in person. You just don't even know. ;)

Caprica - I watched the first ep of the season even though I haven't watched the pilot. I'm intrigued so far. :)

Castle - I just want to say that I LOVE this show. Nathan Fillion is wonderful and just a pleasure to watch. Stana Katic is great as Kate Beckett. I only wish it weren't on so late! I always have to catch it the next day. Booo! Last night was a repeat. Bah!

Chuck - I think they pack some kind of subliminal signal in Chuck. How else to explain the sudden and complete adoration? Two months ago I knew next to nothing about the show and now I feel like I've absorbed all the different nuances of the characters. And yet I could pop in any episode and stay glued to the tv. Seriously, it's like a drug. Oh, and did you know the Chuck theme is a Cake song? lol!

I've now set up my twitter digest in its own section at Moonlit Jazz. Actually, I just like archiving my tweets and knowing that I can look back on them whenever I want. Random, eh?

So even though I got that text yesterday, I haven't gotten a response to my reply. What the heck?! I think I don't mind the torture. ;)
Tags: poetry, tv
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