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waning moments of Thursday

sometimes the songs sing
escaping smooth from my lips
heard by none at all

Today was like a Friday for the students. Lucky them!

I did payroll today, which for me is folding and stuffing envelopes. I don't mind so much when the stacks aren't so big. This month's wasn't so bad. ;)

When I got to bed, I pick a movie from the Netflix on demand. Last night was Bye Bye Birdie. Now I want to find my soundtrack. I know I bought it. It's funny how I remember some of the lyrics to some of the songs. :)

Everytime the big boss sends out a budget report, I comb through it and make sure my position isn't slated for the chopping block. Times are sucking hard these days.

Oh crap, it's time for bed.
Tags: poetry
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