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bits of sunshine

you said I'd never find
love like your kind
intimating I'd regret
letting you go
you said I'd never find
someone better
implying I'd fret
turning you away
now I can say I didn't find
love like your kind
but I've no regrets
letting you go
now I can say I didn't find
someone better
but that would be a lie
I would never admit

I seriously had a crazy lady call on the phone a few times. She accused me of putting words in her mouth (during her first call) and incorrectly surmised that I did not do the research I said I would regarding her concern (during her second call). When she said, "They're all liars," I knew that she was indeed a nutjob. She was either on meds or needed them. Badly.

Omigosh, I flipped over to A Very Brady Sequel and was super surprised to see Brian Van Holt (Bobby on Cougar Town) as Warren!



Trippy! :) I like BVH.

That is all.
Tags: poetry
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