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such rainy gray weather

every day that passes
without a word from you
I feign indifference
as if I always knew
I'll never get an answer
perhaps this is best
no matter what happens
I'll not adore you less
so maybe one day
you'll realize too late
the silly hope I cherished
how even now I wait
every day that passes
without a word from you
distance is my comfort
this I always knew

I made my own fried rice!

fried rice

And it tasted decent. It was weird being experimental in the kitchen. Tis not my thing at all. lol!

a favorite photo

I sometimes forget how nice it is to light some candles. :)


A few of my books. One day, I'd like to have a house that has a room I can convert into a library. Wishful thinking? LOL
Tags: poetry
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