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oddly gray days

She watches every move
She catches every breath
Her eyes never leave him
in the middle of the action
She sits amongst the crowd
She fits there without notice
Her attention never wanders
away from the game before her
The crowd adores the players
They shout their names
with fever
The crowd wants the win
They fall and rise
with the tide of the game
She knows she's lucky
to sit here with them
to watch him there
Far from her reach
Close to her heart
She smiles at each turn
the sideline beauty

We had snow in the higher elevations here in the Bay Area. Craziness!

It's weird that I can say "here in the Bay Area" now. We're at the edge of it, but we're there. No longer residents of the Central Valley. It's a nice thing, I think. ;) I really really do like it here. :D

Rejected for that position I tested for last week. Bah! Low score. Alas! And the job hunting continues onward. :P

I need stamps.

The brackets came out for the NCAA Tournament. Exciting. I think I'm just a sports freak! Why the hell am I getting caught up with college basketball? I blame the hubby.

Watched Team USA beat Team Japan. Good game! I personally thought the Japanese runner left third early, but the replays show that he actually didn't. Wow, he was FAST! But all for naught. I'm glad Team USA won. :)

Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to LOST? Yes, I am. We are almost caught up. I don't know how I'll be able to handle watching it in real time. Ye gods! At least we can TiVo it and forward through the commercials. But then we can't watch it in HD. Aaack!

We watched THE UNIT last night. Actually a decent show. I think I might not mind watching it if it just happens to be on. ;)

I really like my Blackberry. It's just way super! Oh, and now I can use Google Chat on it! Neat-oh! :) Blackberries rock! The only thing about my Blackberry right now is that I can't text on it. Bummer. Oh well.
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