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sunday clouds

do you see me now
I am lost just out of reach
careless and alone

I don't mind the quiet times but I wonder if I'm letting my mind turn to mush.

First off, I'm very much looking forward to Chuck tonight. So much so that I had a dream I was talking to the actor who plays "Captain Awesome" and I asked him if his tv wife is as pretty as she seems. He replied with a no and I frown at him. Then he laughed and said that she was more beautiful in person. lol! I think she's so pretty and that's probably why I dreamt about asking her tv husband about her. Weird, eh? LOL!

Second, Dollhouse. I absolutely loved the WTF?! moments in that episode. There were definitely two for me (and I'm sure the rest of the Dollhouse fans), along with a few "a-ha!" moments as well. Even though I'm sad there are only two more episodes left (ALAS!), I'm glad they're not pulling any punches and giving us some great stuff. But WOW about those WTF moments. lol!

Third, we watched a movie called Serious Moonlight with Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton. It's great seeing TH in something other than Leverage (which comes back soon!), but what's the deal with Meg Ryan? She did a great job on this flick, but she has had a lot of work done, hasn't she? And not good work, if you ask me. Why can't these Hollywood actresses just freakin' age gracefully like the rest of the world? Other than that, the movie was decent.

Fourth, glad to hear Jay Leno is getting cancelled/moved to a later timeslot. I just read that it's possible that Trama could have a better shot now that the timeslot is open. I like Trauma and wouldn't mind seeing it succeed.

I figured out last night that my Droid takes decent night shots (if the camera is set to night scene).

night shots
day009: ready to turn right

Yeah, they're a bit dark but at least the lights don't look all crazy. lol!
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