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forget the foolishness

He watched the tilt of her chin
the steel setting her back
pride in her eyes
a chilly smile lining her lips
He watched the other man
oblivious to the result
of his heartlessness
clueless to the beauty
of her strength
Her eyes met his
he saw the pleading
He smiled and approached
ready to oblige
to her silent request
He was made for this
the rescue in any form
This time would be different
He would find a way
to make her forget
the foolishness of the other man...

Dreary day of cloudy skies, rain, and bits of sunshine. I did see a rainbow, so there's a bright spot, eh?

I had to drive to Stockton for an appointment in Radiology. Let's just say it wasn't the most comfortable kind of appointment. :P Isn't it weird that when you get an X-ray, the technician and the doctor both have those heavy vests, but you don't? Yeah, I'm on this table with no protection! Ye gods!

Driving back home, rain fell is varying degrees. My gas light came on, so I had to get gas when I got to town. I haven't pumped my own gas in awhile. LOL! Then I went through the only drive-thru in town, good old McDonald's.

I want to go outside into the cold cold wind and watch the clouds pass under the bright waxing moon. But I'm inside with the puppy on my lap while I tap tap tap on the PowerBook. :P

The phone just rang with a 602 number and it was someone offering to send the Chronicle. How can an Arizona number offer me a newspaper from this area? Isn't there just something wrong about that? :P
Tags: poetry
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