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my knees are weak

maybe I'm just a little lost
waiting here confused
did you tell me to stay
or was I meant to follow
maybe I'm just a little lost
wondering how this happened
did you tell me goodbye
or was I meant to follow
maybe I'm just a little lost
forgetting why I cried
did you tell me to move on
or was I meant to follow

I did my nails, but not any of those colors...

So, the Nexus One. Have you heard of it? Don't worry, I don't want it. But I do want the new upgraded OS, Android 2.1. Looks quite intriguing. I hope it comes my way soon!

I still rather love my Droid. It's a way groovy device. The battery is acting the way it should, lasting the whole day at work plus more. It'll never be a Blackberry but it'll do for me. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever go back to a Blackberry. I do miss the way it did email but the Droid is more than adequate in that department, especially with the Gmail accounts. It's a bit weird with the Yahoo accounts. Oh well, it's my own fault for having too many email addresses.


Oh, someone at work has a Kindle DX! Omigosh, I'm so jealous. It looks pretty! And since I'm a tech freak chick, I ended up asking questions about it and such. It was probably our longest conversation in the couple of years I've been there. lol! It just made me want my very own e-reader. Someday!

I just spent about thirty minutes reading about the Vanity Fair article featuring several women who use Twitter. It's a bit insulting to the women, as well as ill informed and ignorantly snarky. Oh well, it was a nice picture and Felicia Day was in it! It was the only reason I read the article and then I was a little appalled. Alas. It was, as Felicia says, disappointing. Perhaps this is why I don't read magazines anymore...
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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