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gray and chilly day

perhaps one day
the clouds will part
the sun will shine
once more for me
perhaps one day
the birds will sing
the breeze will cool
once more for me
perhaps one day
the grass will grow
the rain will cease
once more for me
perhaps one day
you'll forget the past
you'll regret the pain
once more for me
perhaps one day

morning mist

With the new year comes a new routine. Can't wait until the other car gets gussied up and I can drive myself to work again. Thank goodness for the wonderful kindness of my co-worker! I don't have to walk home after work. Yah!

me at work

I'm watching Stardust on Showtime even though I was watching earlier this evening. lol! I LOVE this movie. It's beautiful and fantastical and wonderful. lol!

It's so weird sitting home alone after work. I suppose I should be reminded of our early days as a married couple but those days are so long ago and now it's an adjustment. At least I have the internet and beautiful HD to occupy me. But I miss the hubby being here at home with me. I suppose I was spoiled, eh?

I haven't chosen a book to read yet. I have a couple here at home I could start...
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