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the hump day

in this winter time
the sun shines so very bright
its warmth beyond reach

I'm momentarily enthralled with an Android app called FxCamera. There are different shooting modes like ToyCam (toy camera emulator), Polandroid (polaroid), Fisheye, SymmetriCam, and Warhol.

looking outside

I like the ToyCam and Polandroid modes. They're fun!

Work seems more a distraction than anything this week. You know, something to occupy the time. lol! Too bad we didn't realize that checks were coming early. We could have probably had tomorrow off too. Darn it! :P

2010 resolutions

I should work on my resolutions. I seemed tapped out of ideas.

The future is looking just a little bit brighter. Just sayin'.

This time ten years ago, I was still working for the Sheriff's Department. I was probably at work! LOL! I know that when the century turned, I was rushing out the North-South corridor. I didn't quite make it out the door. Boo! Oh well. The only thing good about those days at SRJ was the paycheck. And I did like some of the people.
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