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She needs mystery
to tingle her spine
A little hint of a clue
keeps her ready in line
She wants the surprise
to capture her spirit
Something unexpected erupts
she'll be right in it
She looks for adventure
just beyond the bend
Always seeking excitement
for the journey not to end
She faces the unknown
with a steady heart
Ready to act and dash
just give her a head start

Straightened up a bit today, a bit haphazard on stuff. I can't seem to get myself into a routine. Well, I have a routine, but it's not productive. I need to make it more productive!

We watched four eps of LOST tonight. Three eps, then CSI, then one more LOST. That show is freakin' addicting! It's great! It's fun catching up on a show this way. ;)

You'd think with all this free time, I could be writing that great novel waiting to bust out inside of me. But it appears that my Poetry Muse is in residence while my Fiction Muse takes a long vacation. I can't control either one of them, but I do adore my Poetry Muse very much. :D

During the day, I watch a lot of COUPLING. I like listening to the commentary. Steven Moffat is a bit of a perv, eh? LOL! I love how he just talks about the gorgeous girls and Jack Davenport's unmovable hair. Oh, and Richard Coyle's tendency to eat while on set. I wish they still did COUPLING. Oh well. :P

Off to bed then!
Tags: poetry
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