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painted candy canes on the tree...

I ate so much today!

Breakfast at LHS

First we had breakfast at the high school. This is the third one I've attended and it's always a wonderful way to start the day, end the semester, etc. I have a soft spot for Liberty High School because I started working there before moving to the District Office.

Breakfast at LHS
Janell and me

Janell and I got there before the rest of our crew, so we got first choice on seats. lol! It worked out for us because we could see everyone walk in, etc. ;)

Breakfast at LHS
Breakfast at LHS

I also got to visit with old co-workers. I miss them, even though I do truly enjoy working at my current position.

Breakfast at LHS
Tish, Angela, me

Thank you, FFA!!!

Breakfast at LHS

holiday luncheon

Not too much later, it was lunch time! I love our quarterly luncheons. The holiday luncheon is probably one of my favorites.

holiday luncheon
the tree surrounded by gifts

holiday luncheon holiday luncheon

The food was so good. I like to try everything, so of course I ate everything on my plate. I have a healthy appetite. And I just like food.

I didn't participate in the gift exchange since it was optional. Those who participated brought a gift in the $20 range. Everyone who brought a gift picked a number. From 1 to the end, the participants chose a gift. They could "steal" a gift instead of picking an unopened one. The first person to choose was allowed at the end to open or exchange with someone. Confusing? It was fun to watch either way. lol!

holiday luncheonholiday luncheon
holiday luncheonholiday luncheon
holiday luncheonholiday luncheon

The first one who chose ended up getting hers stolen but since she was the last one to choose, she stole back what was stolen from her. LOL!

holiday luncheon
holiday luncheon

I work with lovely people. I'm a lucky chick. :)

me next to the tree

And a here's a poem that has nothing to do with today...

every sin revealed
braced for merciless judgement
without redemption
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