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the day that drags

Do you ever have one of those days where you are on automatic from wake up time and then halfway through the getting ready stage your realize you feel like utter crap? Yeah, I had one of those days. So I stayed home and went back to bed.

Oh, my Droid got the OTA update last night. Yah! Not sure if I notice a difference (besides the new unlock screen), but the camera seems snappier. :)

around the house
around the house
around the house

I haven't really noticed anything else with the phone, but I do love it. Yes, I love my phone. lol!

In other tech news, the hubby extracted my external drive from its casing and installed it into my computer and my files are still intact. MOST GLORIOUS!!! See, this is why I didn't stress about it. I should take pictures of what the casing looks like now. ;)

And that is all for now.

only my heart knows the answer
with every beat the secret keeps
only my mind holds the key
with every thought certainty remains
only your dreams set you free
with every scene so new again
only your words will penetrate
with every whisper sharp like a dagger
only our past keeps its hold
with every memory inescapable
only our journey drives us foward
with every hope an aspiration
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