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brrrr, cold!

he waits for no one
his broken heart defies him
mocking him with dreams

Another CHILLY day! Seriously, it's cold here. I am not used to it. And yet it's kinda nice too. Just makes me want to snuggle!

cold morning
the backyard this morning

cold morning
while warming up the car

around town
the tree downtown after work

around town
stopped at the light

ETA: I just had to add that I am DEVASTED that AS THE WORLD TURNS is ending its run next September. How does a 50 plus years old soap opera get canceled?! Even though I don't watch any soap operas anymore, it still hurts me that one of my favorite shows will be off the air after more than fifty years. What the hell?!

It's just not right at all. :(
Tags: poetry
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