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I don't miss work at all...

I miss the money.

I chatted with my friend and former co-worker yesterday.  She was the one who took over my position (130-2130 hrs, M-F, the "dispos" desk).  She's not doing it anymore.  In fact, she's not in ITR anymore!  She's out and about doing meal relief.  She didn't have very nice things to say about the current state of things in my former workplace.

I listened and shook my head.  I commented that it can't be because I left, but she came back with, "Ever since you left, things have been falling apart."

I'd like to flatter myself and think that to be true, but I know that things were falling apart before I left.  Perhaps my leaving merely hastened the downpour.

I didn't like hearing about how badly they treated her, but she's happier now that she's out and so I'm happy for her.  I think it's an absolute shame that TIIC are letting such knowledge walk away.  They are horrible.

I did like hearing about being missed.  Such a lovely ego thing, eh?  But I miss them back, so we're all sad in that way.  I told her to tell a couple of the guys hello, most especially my most favorite fellow there.  I miss him most...

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