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The Motorola Droid


I've had the phone over a week. I'm overdue with my review! LOL Here it is, unexpert and totally biased...

  • Can't send "big" files (videos) over 3G, only over wifi. Boo!

  • Yahoo mail set up a little tricky if account is not premium

  • Battery life is so-so but getting better (compared to a blackberry)

  • Market (aka App Store) is just okay

  • Beautiful display

  • Nice quality photos

  • Use my own mp3s for ringtones

  • Low res vids send easily

  • User replaceable battery

  • Quick recharge of battery

  • Tough and sturdy (still works after being dropped)

  • User replaceable storage card

  • Physical keyboard

I wish I didn't have to compare the Droid to the iPhone but since I went from the iPhone 3G to the Droid, the comparisons are inevitable. So perhaps I should get those out of the way.

Yes, the Android App store does not have as many apps as the iPhone. Yes, the Droid's media player is not as pretty as the iPhone.

Hmm, I think that's all I really miss about the iPhone. Onward then!

Some reasons I wanted to switch phones...

I HATED the iPhone's battery. Perhaps, as it's been pointed out, I had a bad battery. But if I did the things suggested to optimize batter life (turn off the wifi, the bluetooth, the 3G), then the phone lasted a whole work day. The thing was that I didn't want to do any of those things. What's the use of the phone if I can't even use the 3G without worrying about the battery? The phone should last a workday. I wasn't even asking for it to last 12 hours without a charge. Just about 9. But by the middle of my workday, I had to put the sucker on the charger so that I would be good on the way home. And that was just freakin' annoying.

As gorgeous as the iPhone is, it felt a bit too delicate for me and I was compelled to always have it in a case. I'm clumsy and I drop things, especially my phones and goodness me if I dropped my iPhone! I'm sure it would have shattered the display to drop on my tile floors. Right? I had a nice case but it definitely subdued the physical beauty of the iPhone.

I like touchscreen phones, I do. But I also like physical keyboards. I also like having a choice.

I had been longing for another phone with better photo taking capabilities as well as video recording. The iPhone took decent photos but since I had the 3G (and was unwilling to jailbreak it to open up more features), I did not have video recording. I didn't really think it was a bit deal but again, I like having choices.

I don't really care for AT&T.

And those are my reasons for wanting to ditch the iPhone. I do eventually want to get an iPod Touch. It would be nice to watch movies and listen to music on it. I'm sure the battery is fine on it too. I noticed that if I didn't use the iPhone as a phone, it lasted a long time.

Ever since my Blackberry days, I said that I would only give up my Blackberry for an iPhone and vice versa. But when the Android OS came around, my interest was piqued. What was this new thing, this Android thing? I wanted to know. As different carriers began to carry devices running Android, I began to wonder more about it. Then along came word of the Motorola Droid. Just before the phone came out, I started reading reviews. Most of them were favorable. And I wanted to jump the AT&T ship and rejoin Verizon, which works really well out here.

Now I have the Droid (wow, I've really taken the long way with this, haven't I?). Do I like it? I LOVE IT!

The Droid takes lovely pictures. I do notice a bit of softening when the flash is used but all in all, the quality is great for a phone.

watching The Guild
outside at work
outside at work

The Droid videos are pretty decent, especially with a steady hand. lol!

Phone quality - the most important aspect of a PHONE - is great. No dropped calls and calls are clear in my ear. Very important. lol!

The display is simply gorgeous. I don't know the numbers but suffice to say that even with tiny font at websites, it's still pretty readable. lol! Pictures look great on it and videos even better. It's a definitely pleasure watching Star Trek on my Droid. lol! The touchscreen is responsive and the accelerometer works without any noticeable lag. The display seems fingerprint prone but when the on it's not so noticeable.

The keyboard doesn't get a lot of love from the tech reviewers but I like it. Yes, the keys are a bit flushed but it's pretty slick and for someone with small fingers like me, it's a breeze to use. The weird navigational button thing on the right side is awkwardly placed and I always forget to use it. lol! Otherwise, I use the physical keyboard more than than the touchscreen one and it works just fine for me.

Battery life kinda sucked the first few days I had it. But I let it drain, charged until full, then did it all over again and now the phone lasts me throughout the workday without needing a charge. One day I almost made it to bedtime before I hit the red warning. Nice! I do plan on getting a spare battery in the future for those times when I know I won't have the luxury of a quick car or computer charge. Again, it's nice to have that choice. ;)

The Market aka App Store is a bit clunky and can only be accessed from the phone. I don't really care that it doesn't have as many apps as the Apple App Store but I do care about the quality of the apps. The Facebook one is almost useless and the best Twitter app is merely passable. Not a deal breaker at all for me though and I know that it can only get better. Of the apps I've downloaded (and I've been keeping to the free ones for now), the Google Sky Map one is freakin' awesome. If you know someone with the Droid, have them show you that app.

The phone can't voice dial, something I just learned the other day. But not because I use it but because I read about it in the comments section of some of the reviews. Again, not a deal breaker for me. I never did it with my iPhone (does it have that capability?) and maybe might have done it with my last Blackberry, the Storm. I personally don't think it's a big deal but perhaps other people do.

Email and messaging work great on the phone. Gmail is my webmail of choice, so of course I'm happy with the way it handles my email. Except, and this is weird, I can't download video attachments from the email app on the phone yet I can from the browser. Odd, eh? Oh, and I can't email high quality videos from my phone unless I'm connected via wifi. Booooo! But the low res videos can be sent easily enough. Annoying!

Web browsing is quick though perhaps not as pretty as Safari on the iPhone. And much is being made about multi-touch and the ability to "pinch and zoom." I don't find it's a big deal to zoom by double touching the screen. As I mentioned, the display is gorgeous and reading websites on it is a pleasure.

The phone is solid in the hand. I confess, I've dropped it a couple of times. On my tile floor. Yikes! But it's a sturdy piece of hardware and doesn't even have a scratch after my mishaps. It's a bit boxy with a weird little "chin" but it's thin, even with the keyboard and I can carry it comfortably in my pocket.

The media player is functional and not at all as nice as the iPhone one. But sound quality is great through the earphones and decent through the speakers. Video is GORGEOUS, especially with good quality files like my copy of Star Trek. Yowsa!

I'm sure I could go on. If you're thinking of getting a Droid, definitely read the different reviews out there, just as you would with any other device you might consider. Here are some pictures of the phone...

the droid
the droid
the droid
the droid

Do I like the Droid better than the iPhone? Yes, for me it just works better. Would I trade back for the iPhone? No, not at this point. The Droid is a better PHONE than the iPhone but the iPhone is probably a better mulitmedia device. For me, the Droid melds nicely the phone and multimedia.

Thank you for reading. :)
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