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feeling of missing

Longing for you
or just the days I adored you?
Seemingly so long ago
mere moments
one look
one word
one touch
Yet I still miss you
I miss your smile
I miss your voice
I miss your laughter
None of which were mine
for even a speck of time
And still something about you
spoke to my soul
poked at my muse
inspired tales of adventure
colorful scenes of life
stripped of time
lasting forever
never ending
Yet I can't go back
write your face in my stories
imagine your voice with my words
No matter how hard I try
Oh how I miss you
I resist the cry against fate
I keep the memories close
I was lucky, I tell myself
I had my moment
shared with you
And I can smile
when I remember you
Yet still
I cannot help the feeling
This feeling of missing you
Tags: poetry
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