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memory lane, canceled shows, the ups and downs of a fangirl

It's been a strange week.  As I write, it's not even over yet but I thought I'd get a few thoughts on to the screen for later posting.

First of all, why did we all get a day off in the middle of the week?  Before it came around, it seemed like such a silly thing.  Why not just make a three day holiday instead of taking Wednesday off?  Well, it turned out to be a nice thing.  It's a great way to break up the week.  You have mini-Friday (Tuesday) then a mini-weekend (Wednesday off).  I actually didn't mind it at all until Wed night rolled around and I realized that I'd rather not go to work.  Oh well, it's only two days, right?

Second - Oh the canceled shows!  The following shows are not getting their full run but hopefully finishing their 13 eps: Trauma (what, no more Cliff Curtis on my tv every week?), Eastwick (my guilty pleasure show but perhaps this means Jaime Ray Newman will head back to Eureka?), and Dollhouse (alas, no more of the Tahmoh Penikett's angsty Ballard or Eliza Dushku's crazy Echo or better yet the lovely and wonderful Dichen Lachman as Sierra).  I feel like it's a little my fault with Dollhouse because I said something about not minding if it doesn't come back.  But darn it, I didn't mean it!  I swear!  I had an inkling about Eastwick not staying, which is a shame because it's such a sexy show and beautifully done.  Shame, just a shame!  And Trauma!  I've given it a chance because it's set in San Francisco but aside from that it's still a neat show.  And Cliff Curtis is a WONDERFUL actor.  Alas.

Third - My fangirl ups and downs are described thusly: one fella engaged, one fella appearing at a convention, and one fella dating.  On the surface, all of those are happy occasions but my fangirl heart had a little breakdown with the engaged fella.  The one fella dating actually made me happy.  And of course the convention appearance has me SUPER STOKED!!! 

Officially, I am happy for Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris.  Happy wishes to them!

If Olivia Munn is really dating Chris Pine, my reaction is mostly positive because I LOVE Olivia Munn.  She's funny, gorgeous, silly, and smart.  Oh, and I always have a soft spot for part Asian gals, so there.  I approve.  (I know, like who cares, right?  LOL!)

The thought of Greg Lee at the Xena convention fills me with utter delight.  I hope it's true because then I will have to fly down there and be the super silly fangirl that I am.  But I think he expects it from me.  lol!

And of course, Greg is part of my current memory lane train of thought.  It was NINE years ago that I first met Greg.  I just re-read my convention report (which is something I seem to do every year at this time) and I can't help but think how freakin' goofy I am!  As I read the words I wrote a week after that convention, I cannot help but relive those silly, giddy moments.  And then I marvel at the fact that I still smile with utter fondness for those moments.  How can it be that it happened so long ago yet I can still remember it like it was last week?  I suppose that's what happens when you get older.

So, on the heels of the announcement of Greg's addition to the Xena convention in February comes the anniversary of the first time we met.  Coincidence?  I'd like to think it's a sign.  Now I just need confirmation that Greg is indeed attending the conventions so that I can think about making plans to go.  lol!  :)

And to continue the memory lane, tomorrow will the be the ninth anniversary of my Trevor Guthrie phone call.  Trevor Guthrie was the lead singer of the now defunct group soulDecision and I was fan of the group.  A month before the Trevor Guthrie phone call I had actually met Trevor at a concert (another fangirl story that I forgot to remember last month).  So when I got the call that I had won a phone call from one of the guys of soulDecision, I was hoping and hoping that it would be Trevor since I had already met him.  Well, of course my luck followed me through and my phone call was from one Trevor Guthrie.  It was a fun fifteen minutes and once again I am so glad I wrote about it those many years ago.  LOL!  (And if I get the site back up, I'll link to that gushing report of the phone call). 

Suffice to say that nine years ago, I had some WONDERFUL fangirl moments.  And I always remember those times with a goofy smile and tickle of delight.  :)

Lastly (and not in the title), the Motorola DROID has been tempting me.  I have developed a love/hate relationship with my iPhone.  I hate the battery and the blah phone calls.  I love the apps and the iPod.  As a friend pointed out, I probably should have waited until the 3GS came out but I'm an impatient lady with certain things and I thought I'd be fine with the 3G.  For the most part, I've really enjoyed my iPhone.  It takes decent (but certainly not spectacular) photos, the apps rock like no other, and I love that I can watch movies and shows on it.  BUT (and as you can see, that's a big BUT) the battery life has really started to irk me.  And I am stubborn and I don't want to have to turn the bluetooth off or the wifi off or the 3G off to help save battery life.  Practical suggestions they may be but then it just negates the awesomeness of the phone.  So now I'm swayed by all the shiny new things out there, including the DROID.

Stay tuned.  ;)
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