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Hope leads the way

Mark Mulder pitching on March 5, 2006

They stand together
apart in heart
joined by hands
A picture of one
but inside torn
A little sad to think
the end not the promise made
Instead separate paths to take
Was it ever love?
Was it ever happiness?
No easy reasons
Only regret
No explanations
Only silence
Hope leads the way
beckons sweetly
with brighter days
Uncertainty entices
thrills with unmistaken excitment
Still, the loss lingers
clings to the heart
Only time will show the way
to letting go...

So I waited HOURS for the AT&T guy and he ended up being here for a mere ten minutes or so. We chatted more than he worked! He thought the DirecTV guy must have been very new if he couldn't figure out how to connect the two wires. Blah blah blah.

After a lunch of warmed up pizza, I headed out to the grocery store. When I stepped out, the skies were gray but the ground was dry. I even wore my sunglasses, though the sun wasn't really out. I slowed down by the elementary school then stopped because all the parents were picking up their kids. Bah! Must remember not to leave the house at that time of day! The grocery store was all right. Maybe I'm getting used to going alone. I dunno. But when I finally walked out, it started to rain. GREAT! :P

I watched more commentary on a couple of Xena eps and ended up watching "Old Ares Had a Farm." Oh how I miss Mr. Kevin Tod Smith! Such a gorgeous man and such a talented actor. He could make you laugh, make you cry, make you want. I MISS HIM.

Talked with Lisa and Paula. I wish I could have been there with them this past weekend. We could have drooled... err, ADMIRED the Supernatural boys together. Jensen. Rarr.

I'm not feeling that baseball fever yet. But I do feel a bit flushed when I see Mulder. ;) He can still get me. I hope he has a good season! :D

RIP Kirby Puckett...
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