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go and grab someone

as the days grow short
dreams at night linger longer
unleashing secrets

We just finished watching County Jail: Oakland on the Discovery Channel, which was a look into the 5th largest jail in the US. First of all, the county is Alameda. Second, the jail is actually in Dublin. And thirdly, it's called Santa Rita.

It was WEIRD watching a documentary on Santa Rita. It was mostly a look into the gangs in the jail, etc. I did see a few people I used to know (deputies and such, ha!), so that was neat. And when they were in ITR, it looked mighty familiar. lol! It would have been cool to see the booking office but of course nothing interesting really happens there. If you actually watch the doc (and it's rather interesting), keep this in mind: when they say that inmates roll though ITR in hundreds daily (300-400 inmates Mon thru Fri) to go to court and such, *I* was the one who got to filter all their paperwork. And I actually liked it. Crazy, I know. lol!

chicken adobo
mmm, chicken adobo

I made chicken for dinner. It's been awhile. Tasted delicious!!!
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