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Back home in California...


Well, we're back from Kauai.  The week on Hawaii's "Garden Island" was most lovely.  Kauai is a beautiful island, from the North Shore to the South.

My friend got married on Saturday in a little white church called Old Koloa Church.  A short, but sweet ceremony followed by pictures outside the church and inside.

The reception was on the lawn overlooking the ocean at the Sheraton.  I don't think I have ever been to a more perfect setting for a wedding reception.  We all had a view of the ocean as we dined on delicious food and danced to the music.

My friend was very sweet and had a song dedicated to us for our ten year anniversary, so we got to dance by ourselves.  Ten years!  It's been ten years since our first visit together to the Islands.

Our travel day back was not smooth.  Our first plane wasn't supposed to take off until noon, but they got us on an earlier flight because our orginal flight was cancelled.  The landing was a bit of a sway.  Our second flight was over an hour late in taking off because the original plane had maintenance troubles and so we had to wait for a different plane.

About two hours into the flight (the movie was just starting), we hit a major air pocket.  It was the freakin' scariest thing I've ever gone through in a plane!  Drinks flew and a couple of ladies had possible injuries.  Totally scary.

We arrived in Oakland and managed to catch the right shuttle back to our car.  The front passenger side tire was FLAT.  We called AAA and a tow truck came within the 45 minutes, but we had to drive on the spare, so it was about 60 mph from Oakland to Salida.

Not so fun.

Take away that travel day and we had a splendid time.  I already miss the open spaces, the crashing waves, the bright sun, and the warm nights.  I think we're going to retire somewhere in Hawaii.  ;)

The only thing I missed from home were my dogs and my baseball.  Grrr, my boys got swept this weekend.  BLAH!

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