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dream of you

heaven starts inside
stars in your dreams are ready
waiting to light up

Thursday wasn't as big a tv day as usual. And I had a couple of Friday shows.

FlashForward - I hope to heck that Janis is not dead. Otherwise, what the world did her flash forward mean?! And what the hell was with the team getting targeted? Agent Wedeck playing basketball with the person who turned out to be the president was interesting. And then his realization that he was basing his career and reputation on Benford's hazy flash forward was intense. Are they all being led by something yet unknown? Thinking about the implications of everything can get your head spinning!

The Office - This was one of the best episodes in a long time. Jim's freak out to Michael's news was hilarious! And then poor Pam! I loved how belligerent she acted towards Michael. It seemed like the the last straw for her. Then there was Michael pretending to be pals with Toby and Toby falling for it. Dwight's mallard was a decoy and now he has eight hours of Jim actually working.

Parks and Recreation - Leslie is such a goof sometimes but she always has her heart in the right place, doesn't she? She finally got the pit filled! Now it's a lot. lol! Ann needs to hit Andy over the head or something. He's so delusional! I like Mark (sidebar - he was in Lars and the Real Girl!!!) and his casual, laid back attitude is soothing when pitted against Leslie's nervous energy. I also like Ron. He's almost expressionless.

Community - The ladies going together to the bathroom thing was funny. Oh Britta. She's so awkward sometimes, isn't she? I wonder if Troy will ever figure out that Annie likes him. He's a bit oblivious, eh?

Smallville - A great Oliver episode. Glad to see he's back on track. I enjoyed the interaction between Clark and Lois. How does he hold on to that innocent look in his eyes? And how long will Clark and Lois deny the spark between them?

Stargate Universe - Even though Rush is a NUT, I still like him better than the Colonel. Although I wonder as he did whether or not Rush knew that Destiny wouldn't allow itself to be destroyed. I was thinking the same thing, but without any proof, of course. lol! The more I watch, the more I think Brian J. Smith looks like Greg Lee. Is that weird? LOL! Poor Eli and his crush on Chloe.

Dollhouse - A GREAT episode mostly focusing on Sierra/Priya. It's just heartbreaking and sick how she came to the dollhouse. I'm glad she fought back and ended the life of her tormentor. He was one sick bastard. Seeing the first time she and Victor met was touching. The connection was already there, even though he was obviously in doll mode. Their love goes beyond the imprints. But how? Boyd's concern for Echo is ever constant, but where the heck was Ballard?! Adelle wanted to take the burden of the decision for Sierra's fate, but Topher's growing conscience wouldn't allow it. So heartbreaking really. Not only will the dolls awaken for "the storm" but the caretakers too. I really hope this show picks up some steam because I want to know how they go from the present to the future seen in Epitaph One.

I wonder how long these shows will last. No new CSI, Supernatural, or Vampire Diaries this week. Even though I miss my SN boys, I'm glad for the break too. lol!
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