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so I can let you go

come this way with me
spinning laughter with the wind
weave dreams into stars

Eastwick - This show is my guilty pleasure of the season. I really enjoyed this craziness of this episode. The moon was so pretty and full! My favorite part was Kat singing "Spooky." Now that was so cool. And then the kiss with Will, hikes! He looks better as a fireman than a photographer, I must say. ;)

Modern Family - HILARIOUS! The ep was called "Coal Digger." The two boys getting in a fight because Manny called Luke his nephew was funny. Cameron is a football fan! Claire called Gloria a gold digger. Phil covered in Gloria's undergarments was funny. He liked it, you could tell. ;)

Cougar Town - I started late watching this show but I like it. How could I not like a show with Brian Van Holt? He's so funny. I also like the neighbor fellow and the boy toy. It's a funny show with good looking guys. Hmmm. Anyhoo, good ep this week with the neighbor playing golf and Jules letting Laurie handle showing a house.
Tags: poetry, tv
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