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see me fly

you've created your own tragedy
assembled with false despair
packaged in heartbreak insincere
delivered with crocodile tears
you've created your own tragedy
stitched together with lies
one pull and it all falls apart
you'll get yours in the end

Seriously, I need to cut down on some of my tv watching. Yikes!

Castle - I guessed the twist but not exactly the way it happened. lol! Anyhoo, I can't wait to buy "Heat Wave" by Richard Castle. lol! I want to read it! I like the combination of comedy and drama of this show. Plus Nathan Fillion is quite ruggedly handsome. ;) Oh, and the show will have a full season! FTB! :D

Man V. Food - Washington DC - I don't know how he eats all that food!!! I must say that everytime I start watching the show, I get so hungry! It doesn't even matter if I've eaten or not. He shows off all the delicious stuff and I want some! The food challenge this week was a huge sandwich and a huge milkshake. Yowsa!
Tags: poetry
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