Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

cool breeze of the fan

Not listening to any music right now. Watching poker.

I can't say I mind
never knowing why
it was easy walking away
would have been harder to stay
so let me sway along
to that unheard song
working to forget
ever bereft of regret

Monday nights are big tv nights for us. It's a little surprising. lol!

The Big Bang Theory - Wil Wheaton played an evil version of himself. He ROCKED!!! This show is growing on me. Sheldon is a nut and so much fun to watch. But Wil Wheaton! LOL!

Accidentally on Purpose - Zack wasn't shirtless at all in this episode. What the heck?! This show snuck up on me. I think it's Jenna Elfman's fault. Her Billie is just too adorable. This ep was fun with Davis and his dating fiasco. I want Zack and Billie to get together. Can't they get together?!

How I Met Your Mother - Always fun to watch. I love whenever Robin's Canadian background comes into play. And Barney is a hoot! A hoot I say!

Trauma - The impaled guy was pretty cool. The brothel in the basement of the Chinese restaurant was surprising. Rabbit getting sick was surprising and the newbie Glenn fainting was funny. I love that Cliff Curtis is on my tv every week and I hope the show makes it. Oh, and the San Francisco setting ROCKS!

ETA: Lie to Me - Garret Dillahunt is one of my favorite guest actors. I remember him best as Matthew Ross on The 4400. He was great on this episode. I like when he's all crazy and nuts. But ever since Life, I keep expecting a Russian accent from him. lol! Anyhoo, Foster seemed really concerned about Lightman. What's going on there, I wonder?
Tags: poetry, tv
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