Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sunday musings

when all is lost
the dreams left to dust
every joy unreachable
every smile unseen
no light
no warmth
only regret lingers
when all is lost

I should take notes when I watch my shows. I'm sure I forget things. I haven't watched CSI, Supernatural, or Vampire Diaries yet. Ooops! Here's what I remember about the shows I have watched...

FlashForward - My one theory on Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport) has been shot down. I knew it would. That's okay. I like how he doesn't remember the woman in his flashforward. No wonder he had no reaction to meeting Olivia. I liked Mark and his British Eggbert for Charlie. Cute! I think the priest Nicole met is the one trying to drown her in her flashforward. Poor Demetri! I don't want him to die damnit!!! And wow, the end of that one! Who is the mystery man? And how is Lloyd tied to him?

Fringe - Peter's nightmare freaked me out! Was that the moment Walter took him from the alternate reality? Ye gods! It was nice seeing Travis Schuldt (Agent Kashner). Maybe he'll make another appearance? He was cute. ;) I liked this ep because it was a nice standalone-ish ep. And I was delighted to see The Observer in the background of one of the scenes. You knowit means something when he appears.

Eastwick - A great Joanna episode! I find Lindsay Price totally adorable and her turn on this ep was lovely. Her Joanna will ever blow it when it comes to men and I was heartbroken by the way her triumph over the bad ex led to Will's utter disappointment. Poor Will! Poor Joanna!... And wow, finding out that Penny's source is the mystery man Jamie (probably Darryl's son by one of the three in the picture?)! I didn't see that one for sure!... I do like this show a lot and I hope it makes it.

Community - This show makes me laugh. Abed was so funny in this ep pretending to be an alien. I love love love Senor Chang. He's insane and just makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

The Office - It was WEIRD not seeing Jim or Pam and only hearing them on the phone. And oh Kevin, going into Jim's office to fart?! Classic! I thought it was funny how Oscar then Michael called Jim for advice.

Smallville - There is just something sweet about Lois and Clark. They're really playing all of this out so well. And oh Oliver, will this brush with death finally wake you up and make you care?! And yikes, what does Tess mean to do with the artificial heart? I very much liked how Clark could read Lois' thoughts. She was thinking what any woman would think being around Clark. lol! Oh, and the one shot of Oliver look at his reflection and seeing Lex was very cool.

Although I haven't watched this week's Supernatural, I did watch four season 2 eps last night while the husband was off playing poker.

"Nightshifter" - It was great seeing Chris Gauthier (he plays Vincent on Eureka and is the Toyman on Smallville and was also on Harper's Island). He was great as the guy who sounded crazy but ended up not being crazy at all! A good ep.

"Houses of the Holy" - I never knew that Sam prayed and neither did Dean. A nice look into Sam's faith and Dean's stubborn assertion that there is nothing more. Father Gregory's realization that he was not an angel and his sadness about it felt so real. It was nice to see him go into the light. The end brought Dean closer to perhaps considering God whereas Sam is taken down a bit at the thought that perhaps he was wrong.

"Born Under a Bad Sign" - Wow, evil!Sam is hot! Is that just wrong? I really liked when he was rough with Jo. So terrible. He was delicious possessed. He was so mean to Jo. LOL! And to find out it was Meg was awesome. Loved Dean's line about Sam having a girl in him for a whole week. ;)

"Tall Tales" - LOVED this episode! First off, it was great seeing the following actors: Barclay Hope (Professor Cox, who was also in Psi Factor and Eureka), Neil Grayston (as Frat Pledge, who is also on Eureka as Fargo), Richard Speight Jr (Trickster, who was also on Jericho). And it was so funny when Dean and Sam were telling Bobby their sides of the story. So does Sam really see Dean's pickups as slightly trashy girls? And Dean sees Sam as a whiny blah blah blah boy? lol! It was hilarious! And oh, I didn't mind watching Dean kissing that girl. ;)

And that's all for now. lol!

ETA: Ooops, forgot SGU!

Stargate Universe - Wow, Rush went NUTS! Nice. This show has me hooked but I keep hoping that Destiny gets fixed somehow so that they can concentrate on getting home or exploring the different stops. I want to know more about the characters!
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