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I get up in the morning to the beat of the drum

another season ends
promises swept away
dejected and frustrated
just for this moment
perhaps comfort will come
beneath the chill of winter
perhaps hope will rise again
upon the light of spring

I really watch too much television. This week's highlights include:

Supernatural - I don't like Paris Hilton but I thought she was funny in her guest turn. I loved how she mocked herself. And I held my breath when she was probably about to turn into John. Then again, I didn't want to have Dean or Sam kill the thing in John's form. I loved it best when Sam killed her rather forcibly. I was laughing. I also LOVED the shot of her head all bloody and separated from her body. Gosh, I'm such a hater sometimes. :P Oh, and I also laughed when Dean said that he hadn't seen House of Wax and Sam gave him this crazy look. LOL!

FlashForward - Gina Torres!!! When I saw her name, I let out a slight fangirl squeak. LOVE Gina Torres. The episode was all right. Poor Mark! He was totally played by the old Nazi dude. I was confused about the end. What the hell with all the dead crows? Oh, and my theory about the blackout is that not everyone blacked out. Not just the mystery dude in Detroit, but I think other people didn't black out. Until I see Lloyd's flashforward, I'm going to think he didn't have one because he didn't black out... Oh, and who was the groom in Zoey's flashforward? I must know! All in all, good ep. Didn't have that creepy moment for me though...

Fringe - WOW! First off, POOR CHARLIE!!! :( I knew that Kirk Acevedo was no longer a regular, but I was sad to see him killed. And poor Olivia having to kill him! I liked Walter and the woman from his past. He was so cute with her. And finally, William Bell! Oh, and the end with head connecting with the body. Sebastian Roche! Yah! But now what does all of that mean? I'm staying tuned. lol!

The Office - So many funny moments in this one. Andy and his painful splits. Kevin with his tissue box shoes. Michael and Pam's mom hooking up! The walk down the aisle. Who would have thought that JIM would be the one to spill the beans about Pam's pregnancy?! And how freakin' sweet was the waterfall wedding? So sweet. I loved it all.

Eastwick - This show is my guilty pleasure. It's a bit silly but I actually like the trio of women. Of the men, I do not like Kat's husband at all. The longish curly hair and beady eyes just don't do it for me. I like Roxy's boy toy and Joanna's photographer fellow. And of course Darryl is quite dangerously sexy. I just wonder how mystical the show will become. And when will the ladies figure out what they are?

Stargate Universe - A good ep! And I realize that Brian J. Smith (Matthew Scott) looks a lot like Greg Lee. So of course this is going to keep me watching. It was a good episode. Definitely going to keep watching.

Dollhouse - Victor was GREAT in this episode! Loved when he turned into Kiki. WOW! I'm getting a bit tired of Echo glitching. When is she going to take control?! And does she really want to find Caroline? Oh, and is Ballard going to be creepy and fall for Echo?

Smallville - Zombies! Clark and Lois are so sweet together. Will he ever tell his secret? Will she ever realize he's the blur? And what the heck is going on with Oliver?

Okay, now I might just watch some Supernatural. Or football. It's a toss up.
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