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seriously, I watch too much tv

I'm not going to go in any kind of order. Let's see how far I go...

FlashForward - The end creeped me out. How does Charlie know about D. Gibbons?! I'm starting to suspect that certain characters didn't black out, Lloyd in particular. I'm sure I'll proven wrong in the next ep but it's fun to ponder. ;)

Fringe - Yah, the Observer appeared! A good ep. I liked the end with Olivia and Sam. He did his job without seeming to do it. lol!

Supernatural - I have caught up on this season's eps! Yah for me! LOL! Ummm, let's see what I remember...

"Free to Be You and Me" - I didn't like seeing Sam on his own, but gosh, those scenes with "Jessica" were heartbreaking. And in the end, watching her turn into Lucifer was gut wrenching. Poor Sam! I like how Lucifer is so gentle and softly persuasive. Mark Pellegrino plays him so well... Dean and Castiel teaming up was great! Is Castiel always like that? He's cute in his confusion. He's almost innocent. Loved how Dean tried to get him laid.

"The End" - Dean time travels, this time to the future! Or a possible future. I LOVED how, even in the crazy, downtrodden world, Dean is such a DAWG. My favorite line of the episode - "I thought we had a connection." Or something like that. My other favorite line, "I'm such a dick." lol! Castiel as a human hippie was HILARIOUS! Of course, I didn't like seeing 2014 Dean killed. And oh, Sam/Lucifer! Again, Lucifer is gentle and persuasive, except he's wearing Sam instead of Nick. OH NO! I'm glad the brothers Winchester are back together...

Dollhouse - Was this ep November's closure? Or will she appear again? I liked the confidence and certainty of November's real self. So different from Mellie... Not sure how I liked Echo's slighty psychotic reaction to "her" baby. It was kinda crazy. And Ballard trusts Echo not to say anything about his plans? And he's still trying to take down the dollhouse? What's the deal with the senator guy. I'm getting impatient.

Vampire Diaries - The end of the episode especially rocked. Finally, something besides the high school angst and such! Are the brothers going to turn any of the townsfolk into vampires? And why does Elena's little brother care so much about the slut chick? If she turns on him again, I'm throwing something!

Eastwick - When are the ladies going to realize they're witches? Soon, I hope! Cybill Shephard was cool. She's crazy. Why does the new guy want to kill Roxie? And am I the only one who thinks he looks a bit like Johnny Depp? Oh, and good for Roxie for staking her claim on the young dude. Nice! Joanna needs to just go ahead and date Will. And Kat needs to tell her husband to get a HAIR CUT! Otherwise, I like this show. Paul Gross (Darryl) is lovely. ;)

Smallville - Yah, Clark is back! Now he and Lois can banter again. Oh, and I totally dig Lois' weird dreams. ;)

Stargate Universe - I am duly intrigued by the premise of SGU. But I have a soft spot for Syfy shows. The ones we watch are quality. I like how I didn't need to know about the other shows to watch the pilot of SGU. I hope this is true for the rest of the eps. The flashbacks helped in this ep, as far as figuring out how everyone got there. And how very The Last Starfighter they were with the one guy who "won the contest" as it were.

ETA: CSI - How could I forget CSI? I was going to give up this show, but I just can't. A good ep, especially since my friend's name was spoken by both Nick and Greg. NO FAIR! lol! I liked how they tied in an old storyline. And for some reason Sara Sidle didn't but me as much as I thought she would. Still, she can go ahead and be gone. :P
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