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well, we must get more acquainted

sometimes she believes
she's over him
he's just a memory
he's just a one time thrill
he's long ago
sometimes she believes
she'll move on
forget everything before
regret nothing up ahead
learn her lesson well
most times she knows
she's not quite over him
memories crowd her dreams
the thrill is merely dormant
most times she believes
she needs to let go
even as she holds on
even as she goes forward
willing better days

I got a papercut while doing the checks today. Terrible!

I went to the bowling alley out this way for the first time! Met up with Miss hotcoles and spent some time hanging out. Who knew that the bowling alley is the place to be? lol! Thanks for the beer, hotcoles! Next time, drinks on me. :)

And of course I had to take a picture. I should have gotten one of her new tattoo too. Darn it!

coles and me

My head looks HUGE! lol!
Tags: poetry
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