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del temblor de tu cuerpo y del calor de tus besos

he's got you
every kiss a promise
every whisper a trigger
fall a little deeper
taking it so slow
he's got you
every touch electric
every taste such temptation
why is it so easy
taking it so slow
he's got you
every smile a thrill
every wink a hook
the ache so addicting
taking it so slow


I've decided to just jump into Supernatural again. I'm not feeling too hopelessly behind, thank goodness. lol!

"Sympathy for the Devil" - Okay, my favorite thing was Sam's superfan. LOL! The moment when the writer guy contacts her reminded me so much of Galaxy Quest! Weird, right? LOL! And the utter reverence of Sam's superfan was hilarious! I liked how she dismissed Dean. Rachel Miner was pretty cool as Meg's meatsuit. Castiel's appearance was riveting. Rarr! And poor Nick, Lucifer's chosen one. Such suffering and so well played by Mark Pellegrino. Can't wait to see more of him!

"Good God, Y'All" - I liked Dean's line, "This isn't X-Files." And War driving a hot red car is just right, eh? I didn't quite like the end with the boys splitting up but perhaps it needs to be done for a bit? Not enough Castiel but it's nice to see he has a plan. It just sounded a little funny, "I'm going to find God." So says the angel. Or is he a fallen angel now? No matter, he's fun to watch.

And that is all for now.
Tags: poetry, supernatural, tv
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