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who knows where the road will lead us

are you broken inside
torn apart inside
floundering in a chaos
no one else can see
are you drowning inside
lost in despair inside
reaching for any light
as darkness takes you in
are you helpless out here
without hope out here
pretending you see
beyond the lifeless smiles
are you broken inside
turned to dust inside
forgetting so willingly
trapped in all your vices

Yah for Friday! So much tv watching these past two days. Spoilers? Most likely! Read at your own risk. ;)


WOW! Great start to the show. Joseph Fiennes is great. I adore Sonya Walger. And oh my goodness, Jack Davenport!!! He's one of my favorites. Coupling is one of my favorite shows, so it's always wonderful seeing anyone from that show. Anyhoo, the mere thought of THE WHOLE WORLD losing consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds is incomprehensible but the devastation after? INSANE. The flash forwards were interesting. But John Cho's character didn't have one?! :( The shared vision (the one in London) kinda creeped me out but the chilly moment was definitely the Detroit footage. What does it all mean? I am willing to find out. ;)


I love this show, I do. This episode felt a lot like an X-Files episode. Not a bad thing, but it left me feeling a little meh. I like Olivia's superhearing. And I despair a bit about Charlie's evil purpose. The mutant human was gross. I like the intro of Sam. Will he play a big part? Ah, the mystery.

The Office

Michael, Michael. He can never do anything right. I liked the subplot with Toby and Dwight. And poor Dwight when he finds out Jim is now co-manager of the branch!

Today we caught up on a few more shows!


Yah, Spanish teacher!!! He was HILARIOUS. This show can be at once irreverant, endearing, crazy, and sweet. Oh, and funny. ;) I feel as though I'm liking it in spite of myself. lol! I hope Spanish teacher makes more appearances. lol!

Vampire Diaries

I must call this show my guilty pleasure. I like the Elena character, don't really care much either way for Stefan, and am simply stopped when Damon is on screen. Did we see a little vulnerability when Elena showed a little compassion for Damon? What does this mean? I want Elena's friend to embrace her witch side! And I'm mostly impatient with the slut druggie, Elena's brother, and the other football player who likes the slut druggie. I don't mind Matt though. He sees things, perhaps realizes his sister (the slut druggie) was right the first time about vampires.


Okay, I said I was going to give up CSI, but since we can record a fair amount of shows, we recorded CSI. I do not regret it! The beginning was so freakin' awesome! The whole 3D freeze was so cool! My favorite parts included: Hodges protecting Wendy, Nick with his gun firing, Nick with the spider, Nick telling Catherine "Love you too", Greg mentioning his crazy hair (which isn't crazy anymore), Ray getting bumped to CSI II, Dr. Robbins wacking a bad guy. My least favorite part: Sara Sidle coming to "help." Bah! But she didn't take away too much from the rest of the team, so I'll cut her some slack. Plus she's merely a "special guest star," so that means she won't be around for too long.

And then we had tonight's shows.


I should watch the previous seasons of Smallville. I've only seen eps here and there. Still, I didn't mind just jumping in for tonight's episode. Tom Welling is easy on the eyes and this darkness to Clark is something I don't mind seeing. I liked Lois just appearing and then kicking ass. Oh, and what was with her dream at the end?! Yowsa!


I feel a little jumbled and confused since we've watched Epitaph One. How will that unaired but important ep fit into the rest of the series?!... This was a good ep. Topher sleeps in what, a server room? Crazy man! I'm bummed that Amy Acker won't be part of the show (or will have a very limited role because she's in another show), but she was great in her confusion of what she is and what she was. The scene between Topher and Saunders/Whiskey was amazing and gut wrenching... I like how Echo is evolving, realizing she is many people but none of them are her. How crazy is that?... And what is Ballard's attachment to Caroline? Why does he care so much? What will become of them in the future? And will they ever find Caroline?... I'm glad the show is back! Tahmoh Penikett is a nice way to end the week.

Whew! Lots of shows. And we still need to watch Glee and Parks and Recreation!
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