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I think I deserve more than that

just say goodbye now
turn around and walk away
don't ever look back

I've started Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. I'm dutifully hooked.

My Genius Mixes went from one soulDecision song to another soulDecision song. How is that a "mix?" Not that I mind! "Faded" is one of my favorite songs. lol!

The All Blacks beat down the Wallabies last night. YAH!!! And yes, I did take some screenshots. Twas the last match of the Tri Nations. Alas!

all blacks vs wallabies
preparing for the haka

I will miss seeing the All Blacks. Good thing the Air New Zealand Cup is still going on. I hope my favorite player, Daniel Carter, will play for his Canterbury team. I can hope! :)

all blacks vs wallabiesall blacks vs wallabies
all blacks vs wallabiesall blacks vs wallabies

I'm not sure why I'm so into rugby but I do know I have a lot to learn about the game. And I wonder what kind of rugby is played out here in the US. I tried watching rugby league last night before the All Blacks game and rugby league didn't interest me the same way. Ah well!

all blacks vs wallabies
all blacks vs wallabies
love his hair

my twitter page during the match

At one point my whole Flickr TWITTER page was just All Blacks. I follow @nzru and @allblacksrugby and they were both doing live game updates. FUN!

all blacks vs wallabiesall blacks vs wallabies
all blacks vs wallabies

It was a great way for the All Blacks to end their Tri Nations. Yah!
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