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memories laugh and play

it's all in your head
memories too vivid
more real than reality
leading you astray
it's all in your head
those fanciful notions
beckoning your imagination
each token a false promise
it's all in your head
visions so deceiving
stifling all your senses
spinning your dreams
it's all in your head

I am so ready for the weekend. Why can't it already be Friday?!

Tonight is filled with much too much tv-- Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation. And if I want to get really silly, let's add Supernatural and CSI (though CSI isn't new this week). Why do they jam so much on Thursdays?! I'm probably, maybe giving up on CSI. We'll see. It just hasn't been the same since Warrick and Grissom's departures. Alas. I'm giving up CSI for Fringe because I really do like that show very much.

Oh, and Vampire Diaries shall be filed under guilty pleasures just for this picture alone...

vampire diaries
Tags: poetry
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